ART.Appreciation .Legacy

An Intimate Heritage of East-meet-West
A 360° Multidimensional Art Experience
Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A. (SJM)

13.06 - 31.10
Macau Grand Lisboa, Lisboa, Jai Alai Oceanus, Ponte 16 & Regency Art Hotel

SJM is pleased to announce the opening of the Art Exhibition “ART.Appreciation.Legacy” The Art Heritage continues in Macau. “ART.Appreciation.Legacy” is a celebration of cultural heritage by SJM seen through the prism of Art. In collaboration with fellow artists to create a total of 7 exceptional and multidimensional exhibitions in various hotels every month from June to October 2019.




01/06/2019 ~ 30/06/2019

Secret Land – Special Exhibition of Coin Du Jardin by Paul Gauguin

Macau Grand Lisboa

01/07/2019 ~ 31/07/2019

The Early Encounter of the East and the West – 20th Century Chinese Artists Abroad in France: “Unbroken Kite String – relationship between concrete and abstract – A tribute to Wu Guanzhong on His 100th Birth Anniversary”

Macau Grand Lisboa

01/08/2019 ~ 31/10/2019

Visions of Chinese Tradition

Macau Grand Lisboa

01/08/2019 ~ 31/08/2019

Art in Motion - Video art from Portugal

Macau Grand Lisboa, Lisboa, Jai Alai Oceanus, Ponte 16

05/09/2019 ~ 08/09/2019

The Fourth “Y Show”

Macau Grand Lisboa, Regency Art Hotel

01/10/2019 ~ 31/10/2019

Portuguese-speaking Authors – Works from the collection of the PLMJ Foundation

Macau Grand Lisboa

01/10/2019 ~ 30/10/2019

Celestial Sphere - Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition by Meng Shu

Macau Grand Lisboa

Twin Swallows
Wu Guanzhong