Wynn - Garden of Earthly Delights

Wynn Macau, Limited

06.06 - 06.10
Wynn Macau & Wynn Palace

Art is the ultimate form of humanity, a space where one’s inner self can be expressed freely and truthfully. This exhibition is influenced by Hieronymus Bosch’s stunning masterpiece – Garden of Earthly Delights – which he painted during the time of the Renaissance. His striking painting – both a celebration and warning of sin – illustrates the beauty and sumptuousness of life, while warning us of the dangers of excess.

“Wynn - Garden of Earthly Delights” features an extraordinary selection of modern and contemporary art pieces from the world’s most renowned artists. Through their artwork, they share their rich, cultural diversities.
Wynn embraces the world of art and is proud to present the works of these artists for the first time in Macao: Herb Alpert, Robert Indiana, MAD Architects, Refik Anadol, Jennifer Steinkamp, Sam Francis and Edoardo Tresoldi.
“Wynn - Garden of Earthly Delights” takes you on a journey of contemporary art into a world of innovation and creativity through various media forms such as paintings, installations, digital or interactive art pieces.

Melting Memories
Refik Anadol