Brahms's Double Concerto

Macao Orchestra

30. 06 20:00
St. Dominic Church
Admission with free ticket. Tickets will be distributed one hour before the performance at the concert venue. Distribution is limited to a maximum of 2 tickets per person.

Each in their own unique style, Schubert and Brahms are both revered as the greatest masters of Austrian-German symphony music of the 19th century, fully displaying the spirit of Romanticism. In this concert, Macao Orchestra presents, on one hand, Brahms’s “Double Concerto For Violin and Cello in A minor”, the composer’s last concertante work, which features a mature technique and conveys deep emotions. On the other hand, the Schubert’s “Symphony No. 4”, a work that carries the composer’s sadness and thoughts at the young age of 19. Which one is likely to touch us more: Brahms’s late blossoming or the wisdom of the young Schubert?