Excellent works of art by Chinese and foreign artists scattered throughout Macao
bring an immersive cultural atmosphere with the entire city as an art gallery and as an art garden


“Art Macao” enhances the entire city with an artistic atmosphere, facilitating international cultural exchange and cooperation and promoting local artistic development; in which the visual arts play as the main axis, spreading an artistic atmosphere to all corners of the city.

Gathering masters to evoke a highly refined classic aesthetic
“Art Macao” is preceded by a series of large-scale exhibitions that are bound to evoke a highly refined classic aesthetic. The exhibition “Italian Renaissance Drawings from the British Museum” presents drawings by Italian Renaissance masters; the exhibition “Beauty in the New Era—Masterpieces from the Collection of the National Art Museum of China” features nearly 90 works by 14 modern and contemporary masters, including Xu Beihong, Liu Haisu, Wu Guanzhong, Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Fu Baoshi, Li Keran, Ye Qianyu, among others; the exhibition “Reminiscences of the Silk Road—Exhibition of Cultural Relics of the Western Xia Dynasty” unveils the mystery behind the history and culture of the Western Xia. Some exhibits are also presented outside Ningxia for the first time, making this a rare opportunity for the public to appreciate these world heritage treasures.

International art exhibition captures the fascinating charm of contemporary visual arts
“Art Macao: International Art Exhibition”, the main exhibition, will be held at the Macao Museum of Art, featuring a number of valuable works selected by hotels and integrated resorts, including paintings, ceramics, sculptures and multimedia presentations, aiming at capturing the diverse charm of contemporary visual arts in a diversified way.

The art exhibitions organized by hotels and integrated resorts include:

Galaxy Entertainment Group: The exhibition “GRACE KELLY: From Hollywood to Monaco – Artists’ Tributes” traces the legendary story of Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly (1929-1982) who became Princess of Monaco, and showcases how artists were inspired to create their works with her as their muse in conjunction with over 100 exhibits from the collection of the Prince of Monaco’s Palace.

Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited: The exhibition “Unexpected Encounters” features a number of masterpieces by renowned contemporary artists from the impressive art collection owned by City of Dreams, including “Good Intentions” by KAWS and “Fat Convertible” by Erwin Wurm, demonstrating how contemporary art abandoned traditional forms of artistic expression and techniques, then gradually transformed and liberated itself thereby evolving into something new.

MGM: The exhibition “Hua Yuan” reveals new developments in the art of ink painting through the presentation of works by contemporary artists, including the large-scale multimedia installation A Metamorphosis: No End To End by Jennifer Wen Ma, the digital landscape painting Journey to the Dark II by Yang Yongliang and the new one-act opera Paradise Interrupted, presenting the essence of Chinese culture and art.

Sands China Ltd.: “All That’s Gold Does Glitter – An Exhibition of Glamorous Ceramics”, curated by internationally acclaimed ceramic artist Caroline Cheng, features over 90 masterpieces themed “All That’s Gold Does Glitter” by 27 first-class ceramic artists. This exhibition is the largest and greatest international ceramic art exhibition in Greater Bay Area in 2019.

Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A. (SJM): The exhibition “ART • Appreciation • Legacy” is a celebration of cultural heritage by SJM seen through the prism of Art. In collaboration with fellow artists to create a total of 7 exceptional and multidimensional exhibitions in various locations every month from June to October 2019.

Wynn Macau, Limited: The exhibition “Wynn – Garden of Earthly Delights” presents an extraordinary selection of modern and contemporary art pieces by several renowned artists for the first time in Macao, taking the public on a journey into a world of innovation and creativity through various media forms such as paintings, installations and digital art pieces.

Nam Kwong (Group) Company Limited: The exhibition “Interspace” features works by famous French sculptor Gabrielle Wambaugh, reflecting the integration of space and art.

The consulates of various countries, such as Portugal, Japan, Italy, Belgium and Hungary, accredited in Hong Kong and Macao, will also organize unique art exhibitions in Macao. The “2nd Annual Arts Exhibition between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries” will open in July, presenting a diverse and innovative cultural experience. Several outdoor art installations will be displayed at various attractions of the city. From June to October, “Art Macao” will bring an immersive cultural atmosphere with the entire city as an art gallery and as an art garden. Macao will be imbued with a creative atmosphere, offering exciting and diverse artistic experiences to all.

20190529103854_01- 開心大頭_東波西波(比利時)
Happy Heads / Benoit+Bo (Belgium)


20190529103855_02-“美在新時代”展覽(劉海粟/紅荷翠羽/紅紙本水墨設色/1979/143 × 80_4 cm/中國美術館藏)
“Beauty in the New Era” Exhibition (Liu Haisu/ Birds of Blue Feather By Red Lotus Flowers/Ink and Colour on Paper/1979/143 × 80.4 cm/ Collection of The National Art Museum of China)


20190529103855_03-1959年摩納哥嘉麗絲王妃的官方相片(圖片版權 © georges lukomski  摩納哥王宮檔案館)
A royal portrait of Princess Grace of Monaco, 1959 (© Georges Lukomski / Archives of the Prince's Palace of Monaco)


Good Intentions / Boas intenções / KAWS


Prosperity / Caroline Cheng


A Metamorphosis: No End to End / Jennifer Wen Ma


Coin du Jardin / Paul Gauguin


Sacral / Edoardo Tresoldi (Photo Caption: Fabiano Caputo)


CERAMIX / Gabrielle Wambaugh