Exhibitions organized by various consulates accredited in Hong Kong and Macao present art of different countries art installations close by the community


The “Art Macao” mega event brings an immersive cultural atmosphere to the entire city, transforming it in an art gallery and an art garden. Various foreign consulates organize unique art exhibitions in Macao from June onwards. Several large-scale outdoor art installations by foreign and local artists will also be displayed at various landmarks of the city, allowing art aficionados to feel the artistic ambience in all corners of the city.

The Consulate General of Portugal in Macao and Hong Kong organizes a series of exhibitions and activities related to the Day of Portugal. The Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong, in collaboration with Toppan Printing, presents a poster exhibition featuring posters on Japanese culture and performing arts. Toppan Printing produced posters which portray graphic design and print expressions designed by prominent Japanese contemporary artists. The Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong and Macao presents the exhibition “Colours of Asia”, featuring paintings by artists Francesco Lietti. Themed on travel and discovery, his works hover between reality and fantasy. Using strong blocks of paint to represent buildings, Lietti also includes smaller patches of textured colour, which dance across the cityscape, granting them a dreamy and fleeting feeling. The Consulate General of Belgium in Hong Kong presents the exhibition “Prosperous years”, featuring a visual and sound installation of two giant lanterns named “Happy Heads”, by the artist duo Benoit+Bo, which symbolizes the universality of art and human feelings in a globalized world. The Consulate General of Hungary in Hong Kong and Macao presents the exhibition “Looking out of the Credible – Tapestries of Zsuzsa Péreli”. Metaphysical and sacred themes permeate Zsuzsa Péreli’s works, hovering between the real and the illusory world, insinuating and telling the audience all that can be perceived as intangible reality.

In addition, several outdoor art installations by foreign and local artists will be available in several locations in Macao. The site-specific outdoor intervention “Sanctuary” by local architects and designers João Ó and Rita Machado, will be displayed at Mount Fortress Garden; 24 pieces of “The Wanderer”, made of fibreglass, designed by local artist Wong Ka Long, will be exhibited at the Taipa Houses; the large-scale contemporary art work “Happy Heads” by French and Chinese contemporary artist duo Benoit+Bo, welcoms visitors at the leisure area in Praça de Jorge Álvares; the stainless steel sculpture “Contemplation of Lovingkindness” by Hong Kong artist Mok Yat San will be exhibited around the Macao Museum of Art.

20190610100206_01-2010年繪畫實驗項目 (2010) uroko no utsukushisa ni chousensuru (2010) 

新村則人 紙1___
20190610100207_02-新一波熱情 (2018) 弗朗西斯科‧列蒂布本綜合媒材 80x80厘米_jpg
20190610100207_03-門神:日進斗金(2019) 東波西波 246x119厘米
20190610100208_04-世界之軸(2010-2011) 蘇莎.佩維利 壁飾掛毯,羊毛、絲綢、金屬、金線