Poesia lírica – Trabalhos de Artistas de Macau e Portugal da Colecção do MAM

Since the 1980s, with Macao’s economy undergoing rapid development, local and Portuguese artists in Macao have also embarked on a poetic journey of exchange. Through major exhibitions held on a regular basis coupled with fruitful exchanges, Macao contemporary art has developed steadily, from exploration and experimentation to innovation and maturity. This time, taking on the curatorial theme ‘lyric poetry’, the exhibition showcases more than 90 outstanding works in MAM collection, from oils, acrylics, and watercolour paintings, to mixed-media paintings, sculptures and installations that fully reflect the creative outcomes of contemporary artists, besides revealing rich Chinese and Portuguese cultural connotations. The 60 artists featured include local Chinese and Macanese artists, as well as Portuguese artists who have settled or exhibited in Macao.

Organizer: Instituto Cultural
Local (ais): Special Exhibitions Gallery, 3rd floor, Macao Museum of Art
Hora de Abertura: 13/07/2019 ~ 04/11/2019

10H00-19H00, entrada nas galerias até às 18H30

Artistas participantes:
Carlos Marreiros

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