Where is Asia?

There are several Asian-themed museums internationally, several biennials with themes related to Asia, and even a dedicated Asian art biennial, but "where is Asia" is not a self-evident concept, as shown in the ancient Greek concept of Oriental absolutism, Karl Wittfogel's "water society", and Asian modes of production. The term Asia exists outside Europe. Metternich, the Austrian dictator, once said that everything east of Vienna was Asia. In different versions of the world map, the area east of the Caucasus Mountains in Russia is sometimes included in the Asian region and sometimes removed from the Asian region. I had a chat with the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki at his home in 2003. He said that Asia is a circle of a 3,000 km diameter with Macao as the center. In today's globalization process, Asia is seen as a powerful engine of global economic growth. This lecture will explore the evolution of the concept of Asia and the ways in which it is expressed in art. Lecture will be conducted in Mandarin.

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