“Art Macao” presents exhibitions across the city this summer


As a mega international cultural and artistic event in Macao, “Art Macao” has brought an immersive cultural atmosphere to the entire city as a gallery and an art garden, highlighting the enthusiasm of the government, enterprises, artists, and the public to participate in the cultural development of the city. In the midst of the pandemic, the hotels and integrated resorts and enterprises organized different programmes for the “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021” this year, bringing a number of key exhibitions that offer creative surprises and aesthetic delights.

Organized by Galaxy Entertainment Group, the exhibition “Juxtapose” presents the giant steel rod sculptures by Malaysian artist Tang Mun Kian, depicting Macao’s cultural heritage, architecture, trades of the past and festivals. With his witty and humorous cartoon style, the artist sketches the city’s historical and cultural scenery. Organized by Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited, the exhibition “The Sea” offers a sensual experience in the water theater with the efforts by artists from different countries and presents a series of installations that feature videos and photos, music, artificial intelligence, flower art and water effects, literally plunging the audience into an artistic journey and arousing their desire for marine conservation. Through the imagery of the Awakening Lion, the exhibition “Awakening”, organized by MGM, features artworks by renowned artists Xue Song, Liu Guofu and Hung Yi who sought inspiration from the lion, including “MGM Lion Party” Public Art which showcases multifaceted dynamics and positivity. A number of internationally recognized artworks from the “MGM Chairman’s Collection” are also unveiled for the first time, showing the fusion of characteristics rooted in oriental essences and avant-grade nature, and embracing the creativity, solidarity, hope and pride. Organized by Sands China Ltd., the “Project Sands X: Beyond The Blue - An Exhibition of Ceramic Extraordinaire”, curated by internationally renowned ceramic artist Caroline Cheng, features artworks from over 20 international artists and art institutions and combines technology and ceramics with innovative presentation.

Organized by SJM RESORTS, LIMITED, a series of exhibitions entitled “Art · Creation · New Ambience - Transformative Thinking, Enter an Era of Extraordinary Breakthroughs”, including “Harmony of East and West - The Exhibition of Famous Local Artists” and “Empire Recast - Solo Exhibition of Heidi Lau”, showcase the unique styles of local artists and the fusion of Chinese and Western features, passing on the timeless and immortal art classics. Organized by Wynn Macau, Limited, the exhibition “Illusions and Reflections - Through the Eyes of the Masters” comprises “The Abode of Illusions: The Garden of Zhang Daqian” and “Life Reflection: Contemporary Ceramics of Zhu Legeng”. “The Abode of Illusions: The Garden of Zhang Daqian” features photographs taken by Hu Chongxian of the last garden designed by Zhang, each signed by Zhang in his distinctive calligraphy; while “Life Reflection: Contemporary Ceramics of Zhu Legeng” showcases the artist’s fine ceramic creations, which he made and exhibited during official visits with national leaders, as well as his sensational ceramic installations inspired by the spirit of Macao. Themed with Shen embroidery, “China Shen Embroidery Art Exhibition”, organized by Nam Kwong (Group) Company Limited, aims to promote traditional Chinese culture and the transmission and dissemination of Chinese traditional culture, allowing more visitors to know the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.

In addition, six eye-catching outdoor art installations are displayed at different corners of the city, including: “Chakra” by Riccardo Cordero from Italy, which represents the centre of human spirit, with the sculptures being formed into a circle ,just like a square in a square; “Gathering” by Su Xinping from China, which creates a mountain-like shape from a perspective looking up to the huge hands, unfolding a world of continuous fracture and reunion; “Learning from Macao” by Drawing Architecture Studio from China, in which a mega urban panorama is created to observe, learn, record and represent the changes brought about by the gaming industry to the city’s daily and recreational life; “Global City” by Leandro Erlich from Argentina, which uses the concept of “a global village” to demonstrate the indivisibility of human life and the realistic significance of sharing the same house in the hustle and bustle of our lives; “Miss You” by Gongkan from Thailand, which represents the concept of loving with freedom and expresses “love” without restraint; and “Sun Boat” by Moataz Nasr from Egypt, which features a sun disc of 360 paddles tied to each other, illustrating the endless, interconnected movement of human beings on earth seeking a better life.

Various exhibitions integrated in the “Art Macao” will be held from July to October. Macao will once again become a great garden filled of artistic creativity. The public is welcome to visit and enjoy the beauty and vividness of art.