“Art Macao” public artwork “Chakra” is now on display at Tap Siac Square


The Public Art Exhibition of the spectacular event “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021”, themed “Technology of Well-being”, allows the audience to feel the tension and beauty in art through close contact with the artworks, bringing an immersive cultural atmosphere to the entire city as a gallery and an art garden. The last public artwork of this edition of “Art Macao” – a large-scale sculpture “Chakra” by Italian artist Riccardo Cordero, is now on display at Tap Siac Square.

“Chakra” is a sculpture made of corten steel. In order to commemorate the relocation of the food market in Piazza Galimberti in Turin, Italy in 2001 due to the construction of the new Olympic Village, the relevant departments hoped to have an artwork that could draw the public’s collective memory of the food market, and thus the sculpture “Chakra” was created. The elements of the sculpture are formed into a circle, like a square within a square. “Chakra” is on display at Tap Siac Square until 3 January 2022. The public is welcome to visit and experience the spiritual power of “Chakra” from various perspectives.

Various large-scale public artworks of “Art Macao 2021” are on display in public spaces of the city. “Gathering”, a giant bronze sculpture by renowned artist Su Xinping from Mainland China, features a pair of huge hands in surreal dimensions. The public artwork is on display in the Art Plaza of the Macao Cultural Centre until 29 November. “Learning from Macao”, a mega panorama by the Drawing Architecture Studio from Beijing, is now displayed on the exterior wall of the Handover Gifts Museum of Macao, causing a new visual impact to the audience. Inspired by the observations of the city’s actual architecture and daily life, this customized work incorporates elements of simple lines and riotous colours to create an unprecedented and vibrant urban panorama, including a number of local landmarks, to pay tribute to local culture. The artwork is exhibited on a permanent basis.

Exhibited at Anim’Arte NAM VAN, the sculpture “Miss You” by Thai artist Gongkan is made of mirrors and fiberglass. The artwork aims to encourage people to break all boundaries and bravely pursue and express love. The public artwork is displayed until 19 November. The public artwork “Global City” by Argentine artist Leandro Erlich is displayed at the Taipa Houses. The artwork is mainly made of steel and resin, and features a concept around the idea of “a global village”, inspiring people to reflect on land development and the application of information technology, the influence and changes brought by the Internet on the lives of modern people. This public artwork is displayed until 7 January 2022.

IC will strictly follow the relevant guidelines of the Health Bureau and implement appropriate measures. For more information on Art Macao, please visit the official website at, “artmacao” on Instagram, “IC Art” page on Facebook, and “IC_Art_Macao” on WeChat.