Porcelain on fabric
180 x 70 cm

The above two works belong to the same Prosperity series of Cheng. This work consists of intricately handmade porcelain butterflies sewn on Chinese dresses.


The idea came from the living of Cheng in China for over 10 years and experiencing life in the vast country. From afar, people can look at China and see a country with people almost looking the same. But if you look closely, China has many complex personalities, many different cultures mixed into one large pot.


Cheng has called her butterfly outfits “Prosperity” also because “Clothing服” and “Prosperity福” are pronounced the same way “fu”. These outfits from afar look just like a dress, but when you look closely at the butterflies they are all unique and different. This is China!


The pieces she is making for Sands China Ltd’s exhibition are made with real gold luster. Golden butterflies are auspicious and will bring good luck to all those walking past the work.

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