Charles Pétillon

Year of Birth: 1973

A self-taught man, Charles Pétillon (French, b. 1973) considers himself an “image ethnologist”and an “archaeologist of forms”. His passion for photography started at the early age of 11 when he was given his first camera. His photography is characterized by its simplicity and attention to detail. However, Charles’ talent is not limited to photography as he creates his own sets and props. Each of his images is created in accordance with a very precise procedure and guided by an immersion into the natural environment, which is at the center of his practice. Using white balloons, Pétillon creates large-scale installations that are hauntingly beautiful.  While the balloons call to mind a childlike humour and innocence, they are also somewhat threatening. His iconic “Invasions” series represent different areas invaded by a cluster of inflatable white balloons, which appear like clouds, in a poetic staging. His work aims to change the point of view towards our everyday finds that we pay no attention to. It is our view that he tries to sharpen and to move from a practical perception to visual emotion. In 2015, he presented his first public art installation in Covent Garden, in London, as 100,000 giant white balloons fill the grand interior of the 19th Century Market Building.

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