Gabrielle Wambaugh

Gabrielle Wambaugh is a French sculptor whose works are mostly ceramic and sculpture. Rubber, chalk, plastic, fabric and other materials are used to convey the relaxation, weakness, and fatigue of her works through the density, limit, edge and state of these materials. Since 1993, Gabriel has participated in the exhibitions at the Museum of the Capitol, the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche Faenza, the Musée Fabre in France, the Sèvres Museum, the Artist Gallery and so on. Works on display include sculptures, large murals and photographs.

Since 1998, Gabrielle has held personal sculpture exhibitions at the Sorbonne Gallery, the Domaine DE Pont Aven, the Universal Gallery and other art institutions in the United States, South Korea and so on. And her works have won numerous national and local awards.

Gabrielle's works mostly express the relationship between space and interspace, revealing the truth through concealment, and looking for space unconstrained by form through sculpture.

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