The exhibition “Interspace” features works by Gabrielle Wambaugh, the famous French sculptor, reflecting the integration of space and art, and reaching out to the public through art. The essence and introspection of contemporary western art in the works can be combined with eastern traditional art, so that people can experience the ingenuity of the conception and the conveyance of her works, making it a life-oriented art.

The audience can obtain a fairly personal experience by deeply and freely understanding the works in terms of connotation, artistic creation and ways of creation. The artist extends her artistic domain from individual works to the whole exhibition. In addition, with the hidden truth instantly revealed through space, the exhibition showcases the daring tendencies of exploration in the new era.

Organizer: Nam Kwong (Group) Company Limited
Curator(s): Chang Hong
Venue(s): Riviera Hotel Macao
Opening Hour: 08/06/2019 ~ 31/10/2019
Participating artists:
Gabrielle Wambaugh


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