Secret Land – Special Exhibition of Coin Du Jardin by Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin is one of the most important artists of Post-impressionism. Coin du Jardin was made at a pivotal moment in Paul Gauguin’s art career. It marks the end of a long period of working towards becoming a professional artist rather than an amateur and a businessman, and the beginning of a quest to explore new places and subjects. Painted in Normandy, probably just outside Varengeville, in the summer of 1885, it represents a rare moment of balance and peace in the complex and varied trajectory of his life.

In Coin du Jardin, while ensuring the completeness of the picture, he aims to construct a garden space with multilayers, including a thick forest at a distance, lively flowers and trees in the mountain view and the scattered grass in the near view. Viewers could seemingly sense the smell of deep spring and early summer from the scattered branches, leaves and flowers, together with the exposed brick-red soil, which also seems to be really mysterious. Gauguin piled up the colour dots by stippling in the piece Coin du Jardin. The clear strokes endowed the rhythmic qualities to
the picture.

Co-organizer(s): Poly Auction Macau Limited, Chiu Yeng Cultural and Creative Industry Association
Curator(s): Hou Yanan
Venue(s): Macau Grand Lisboa
Opening Hour: 01/06/2019 ~ 30/06/2019
Participating artists:
Paul Gauguin


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