Celestial Sphere - Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition by Meng Shu

“Celestial Sphere – Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition by Meng Shu” is a contemporary art exhibition which focuses on cross-sensory experience by conjoining art, people and architectural space. The exhibition will be held in the restaurants - The Kitchen and Casa Don Alfonso at the Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macao. Exhibiting a total of 29 Celestial Sphere series of blown glass art pieces created by Macao artist, Dr. Meng Shu. Using the imagination of the universe as theme and by ways of crossing scientific understanding from the East and the West, the artist pursues and expresses the grand, magnificent and rich cosmic consciousness that mankind has evolved in the long history of civilization.

From this artistic experience of multiple senses and appreciation of contemporary glass art works, people can get to understand the deep connection between food culture and cosmic consciousness, inspiring the eternal pursuit and infinite exploration of the meaning of self existence, awakening the possibility of “seeing life with art”.

The word “Gastronomy” and “Astronomy” are astonishingly similar. We are in the universe, the universe is in us. Under the “Celestial Sphere”, let us feel the life caring and universal love, and enjoy the endless surprise the city of Macao brings.

Co-organizer(s): Chiu Yeng Cultural and Creative Industry Association
Curator(s): Meng Shu
Venue(s): Macau Grand Lisboa
Opening Hour: 01/10/2019 ~ 30/10/2019
Participating artists:
Meng Shu


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