Prosperous years

The exhibition of the Brussels-based artist duo Benoit+Bo (東波西波 in Chinese)“Prosperous years” begins with a visual and sound installation of giant lantern. The lantern is in the shape of heads, named “Happy Heads” by the two artists. The enlightened head tells a poetic and sentimental text in several languages (English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese...). This installation symbolizes the universality of art and human feelings in a globalized world. Near the lantern, there is a neon sculpture represents universal symbols of love. In the other room,  there are a series of printed digital works which is called “Menshen” in reference to the images of “gatekeepers” from the Chinese culture. The two artists reinterpret the old idea of protective images with new technologies.

The recombination of style in photography, the narration of unlike language in audio and mixed application of various cultural factors in digital precisely reflect the borderless vision of the two artists.

Organizer: Consulate General of Belgium in Hong Kong
Supporting organization(s): Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited
Venue(s): Old Court Building
Opening Hour: 16/06/2019 ~ 15/09/2019
Tue-Sun 10:00-20:00
Participating artists:


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