Fountain of Vision
Lai Sut Weng (Macao, China)
Sculpture, oil on canvas
242 x 199 x 212 cm,60 x 50 cm x 3

The origin of the wishing fountain dates back to a Celtic religious ritual from around 2,000 years ago. It stems from the awe for all creatures on earth and the water was thought to be linked to the well-being of all living things. After the Romans conquered Europe, wishing fountains became places for people to pray for blessings. It is on this historical symbol that “Fountain of Vision” was conceived. The work is made up of bears in a variety of positions and postures, giving life to the wishing fountain in a playful manner. The human-like features of the bears are as if to mimic a ritual dance of some sort in a way to seek blessing from the God of Fate. Since ancient times, performing ritual dance has been a way of communicating with the gods, praying for either prosperity or peace, or protection from disasters and calamities. This shows that ethnic identity can be developed through the passing down of religious rituals, and that national belief is an important basis of a nation’s civilization. The work combines sculpture and painting, interpreting “Fountain of Vision” from different perspectives.

The painting part of the work is composed of fountains in various forms and fictional scenes that create a new world based on links between regions and religions. The fountains, contrasting with different time-space backdrops, represent different functions and symbolisms: they are perceived as the objects connecting with outer space, together with the abandoned swimming pools, paradise in the heaven, etc., creating “Fountain of Vision” in my imagination of the future.

Commissioned by Galaxy Entertainment Group

Lai Sut Weng
Born and raised in Macao, Lai Sut Weng is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Design of the Macao Polytechnic University, Director of Macau Artist Society, member of the Council under Macau Youth Art Association and Vice-Director of Art for All Society. Lai’s works have been selected in the Collective Exhibition of Macao Artists and Macao Visual Art Annual Exhibition for many times. She received the Orient Foundation Art Award in 2014 and was selected to participate in Fusion: Exhibition of Artworks of Macao Artists at the National Art Museum of China. Her work was selected “Hers Design Award – 2021 Annual Excellent Art Work” by Guangzhou Design Week in 2021, etc.

location: ‧ ART Space
28/07/2023 - 29/10/2023