Mirror 6#
Fu Zhongwang (China)
Stainless steel
200 x 130 x 120 cm

Inspired by the function and form of the ancient bronze mirror and converted from it, the “Mirror” series combines fragments to become the face of a head, on which the facial features are replaced by a stainless-steel surface, mirroring happiness, anger, sorrow and joy as the audience observes and interacts with it. “With bronze as a mirror, one can adjust his clothes properly; with history as a mirror, one can know the ups and downs; with men as a mirror, one can understand his gains and losses” – a quote from Li Shimin, aka, Emperor Taizong of Tang. Reflecting you, me, him, and everything else in the world, the “Mirror” offers words of wisdom and comprehension of life. 

Fu Zhongwang
Fu is Vice-President of the China Sculpture Institute and the Art Director of the Hubei Museum of Art and has long been engaged in sculpture and public art creation. He has frequently participated in major contemporary art exhibitions nationally and globally, with his works collected by art museums and institutions.

Curator: Qiu Zhijie




location: North Plaza of Guia Hill Pedestrian Tunnel
28/07/2023 - 08/10/2023