The Alchemical Leap
Jonty Hurwitz and Yifat Davidoff (South Africa and Israel)
Stainless steel
400 x 400 x 352 cm

This captivating sculpture combines science, spirituality, and profound transformation. The frog symbolizes evolution and rebirth, bridging empirical evidence and mystical realms. The concept of “alchemy” highlights the historical merging of science and spirituality. 

This sculpture symbolizes taking a leap of faith and encourages viewers to contemplate the profound perspectives that emerge when science and religion intersect. It invites reflection on how these interconnected realms have the power to transform and provide deep insights into the nature of existence. 

Jonty Hurwitz and Yifat Davidoff

The artistic duo, Yifat Davidoff and Jonty Hurwitz fell in love as teenagers - Jonty from Johannesburg and Yifat from Jerusalem. The couple has gained international recognition for merging art, science, and academics. Jonty is from an Engineering background, and Yifat is a researcher in academic education and leadership. Their art has been featured in academic papers and has won awards globally. Their work explores anamorphic and mathematical forms as well as philosophical and metaphorical concepts. Each piece involves intricate calculations, conveying themes of love and nature.

In 2014, Jonty and Yifat created the world’s smallest sculpture using Nanotechnology. Their artwork “Trust” earned a Guinness World Record.
In a 2015 CNN documentary, art critic Estelle Lovatt remarked, “If Leonardo da Vinci were alive today, he would have been doing what Jonty is doing. His art combines the emotional and the intelligent, giving it that spark.” Dianne Harris, Director of the London Kinetica Museum, described Hurwitz as a “contemporary polymath.”

Their artwork captivates globally, with millions of views in museums, biennales, galleries, and national sculpture gardens. Their fusion of art, science and research showcases a unique perspective and innovative creativity, offering pathways to understand the universe through science and expression through art.

Curator: Qiu Zhijie



location: Art Plaza of Macao Cultural Centre
04/08/2023 - 29/10/2023