Icy Fire
Lampo Leong (Macao, China)
Installation of digital generative ink art video
3’ 22”

Video: Lampo Leong, Yanxiu Zhao
Music: Jeffery Stolet, Yanxiu Zhao

According to the statistics and predictions of scientists, global warming will bring disaster to humankind. It is an international environmental crisis that requires the joint efforts of all people and countries to resolve. Through the unique texture of Chinese ink and the language of geometric abstraction, the digital generative art shows the melting process of the glacier from ice to water, with the color transforming from cold to warm. The work sounds the alarm for the world. However, the re-icing of the text at the end of the video provides hope for people’s efforts. The ingenious integration of ink painting with the concept of environmental protection has brought classical ink art into contemporary art, demonstrating the vitality of Chinese ink in the digital age. The immersive video installation not only shows the profound wisdom of Chinese culture but also reflects the responsibility of a great country.

Commissioned by Wynn Macau Ltd.

Lampo Leong
Lampo Leong, PhD from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is currently a Distinguished Professor, Doctoral Advisor, and Director of Center for Arts and Design at the University of Macau. Leong is also a Tenured Professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the USA and Visiting Professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He has served as curator and judge for over 60 art exhibitions and competitions. Leong’s work has been featured in Christie’s and more than 70 solo and over 410 juried and curated national and international group exhibitions and has received around 100 awards. His works can be found in more than ten museum collections, such as the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Leong’s achievements have been documented in over 1,000 reviews and publications.

location: ‧ ART Space
28/07/2023 - 29/10/2023