The Sky Poet
Wang Mengyao (China)
Interactive video installation
250 x 150 cm

Sky Poet is an artificial intelligence programme.
The artist trained an artificial intelligence model to generate poems based on different shades of blue in the sky. You can experience the work right in the exhibition by scanning the sky on the screen with a mobile phone camera. This piece calls the sky to everyone’s attention and urges us to care about our environment and surroundings.

Wang Mengyao
Wang Mengyao is a graduate student at the Central Academy of Fine Arts majoring in Cci-Tech Arts. Her research and creative activities involve virtual reality, bio-art, AI, etc., focusing on science and technology and ecology. Wang’s works have been shown in the "Asia Digital Art Exhibition", "China-Korea Cultural Exchange Exhibition" and in tech forums like "WAVE SUMMIT". She was a silver medalist of "International Genetically Engineered Machine competition"(iGEM), and a recipient of the Porsche Research Scholarship, Young Artist AR Creation Award, and "Star of Research and Creation of Central Academy of Fine Arts".


location: University of Macau Museum of Art
01/09/2023 - 05/11/2023