Rtistic Generation Based on Tide-Surge Wave Fitting Data in Hac Sa of Macao
Zheng Zhong (Macao, China)

Based on wave hydrological data and offshore weather data of the Hac Sa Bay waters in Macao, and through multimodal visual information extraction, is created and artistically generated data-fitting algorithmic, whose modeling imitates tide-surge waves, for an artistic generation applying the data of Hac Sa as objectively perceived. 

The generation and application of this digital artwork includes two steps: 

1.  Physical features extraction and creation of a model. 
Wave hydrological data are from the Chinese WAVE database (CWAVE). These include, area of the ocean, wind speed, velocity, minimum wavelength, wave height, wave reflection, depth of the ocean, time, foam threshold, and particle threshold – a total of ten data items that lay the fundamental basis of physical visual information for modeling that imitates tide-surge waves. Through data cleaning and annotation and using HOT4D to simulate wave data and forms in different spaces, at a different time and in varied media, the wavy physical structure becomes intuitive and apparent. 

2.  Model evolution and mental (curve) mapping. It involves, through the use of API Space, generating mental mapping by collecting and sorting offshore weather data of Hac Sac Beach – including data on temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind, cloud, visibility, fog, thunderstorm, rain, and hail –  and extracting the “physical curves” data of the waves’ white noise, in different meteorological settings, to match and fit the wave’s “physical curves”. In creating visual experience, a combination of tools involving the particle system in TouchDesigner and vector fields experiment and Houdini model rendering is used to simulate meteorological features. And, based on ocean wave “bone” and “muscle”, “particle skin” is added to realize the generation and evolution of Abstract 3D Sculpture with 3D dynamic data.

Zheng Zhong
Zheng is a PhD student in Design at the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST), supervised by Associate Professor Huang Guanghui. He is currently an Associate Professor and Vice Director of the School of Science and Technology Design, Wuhan Technology and Business University, a tutor for Master's degree students at the School of Art and Design, Dalian University of Technology, a co-founder and teacher of the Reddot Design School, a member of the SGDA Shenzhen Graphic Design Association, an executive director of the CDS China Designer's Salon, and an art director of the Zheng Zhong Group of ZZWORKSHOP.

location: University of Macau Museum of Art
01/09/2023 - 05/11/2023