The Eyes of the Shadow
Stella Cheong (Macao, China)
Dimensions variable

The Eyes of the Shadow" is a media installation that offers voice to some overshadowed individuals in Macau. This project illuminates the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of those we don't usually hear, through a series of pictures overlaid with animated phrases and audios that was collected from interviews. "What are their thoughts and feelings like as they live in the "shadow" of their suffocating life?" This project's goal is to demonstrate this idea, while also urging viewers to question their own beliefs and biases. "The Eyes of the Shadow" is a powerful and moving project that invites us to listen to the often-silenced hidden voices and to embrace our community's diversity and complexity.

Stella Cheong
Easy going, generous and independent, Stella Cheong is a female artist graduated from the University of Saint Joseph with a degree in communication and media. The four years of study taught her many technical and practical skills that helped her develop her own abilities to accomplish her goals, and throughout the studies, she discovered that she is very passionate about this field. Stella hopes to continue experiencing and achieving goals on the same path with any media company or team in the future.

location: University of Macau Museum of Art
01/09/2023 - 05/11/2023