Abstract Oracle Generator
Guo Cheng (China)
Installation (stainless steel plated with titanium, chime stone, wood, custom-made circuit, LED screen, Geiger-Müller tube)
210 x 210 x 14 cm

The “Abstract Oracle Generator” is a device based on a physical random number generator that produces different English acronym combinations, which are like prophecies in response to questions raised by participants. In fact, when the device is triggered by participants striking the singing bowl to activate the Geiger-Müller tube system, the ionizing radiation particles in the environment are monitored and transferred on the LED screen as random English acronyms. Maybe a way to put it, the ‘oracle’ produced by the ionizing radiation in the spatial environment, which is monitored by Geiger-Müller tube system, is purely and objectively “better” than the human divination or the results generated by computer with the pseudo-random algorithm. Meanwhile, the abstraction of abbreviations expands the participants’ imagination.

Guo Cheng

Guo Cheng (b. 1988, Beijing, China) is an artist who currently lives and works in Shanghai. He graduated with an MA degree in Design Products at Royal College of Art (London, UK) in 2012 and obtained his BE in Industrial Design at Tongji University (Shanghai, China) in 2010. His practice, usually through the forms of sculptures and installations, mainly focuses on exploring the interrelation between mainstream/emerging technologies and individuals under the context of culture and social life. Guo Cheng's works often use humorous yet calm plastic language, linking grand issues with seemingly arbitrary objects, and providing critical perspectives for discussion and imagination.

His recent solo exhibitions include: The Park, Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing (2022); Almost Unmeant, Magician Space, Beijing, China (2020); Down to Earth, Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2019).

Awards: “Art Production and Exhibition Support Program” of New Century Art Foundation (Beijing, 2022); 2020-2021 Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” (Shanghai, 2021); Ars Electronica Honorary Mentions (Linz, 2020), etc.

Lender: Magician Space, Beijing


location: Macao Museum of Art
28/07/2023 - 29/10/2023