We Are Also the Ghosts
Catarina Mil-homens (Portugal)
Installation (glass, steel wire)
300 x 8000 x 20 cm

The installation “We Are Also the Ghosts” offers a thought-provoking opportunity for self-reflection by presenting multiple fragmented reflections and it challenges us to question our perceptions of identity and consciousness. As we gaze upon the overlapping large pieces of cut glass, we become aware of the unrestrained space and the losing track of time. The repurposed glass in this installation is a material transformed into a vehicle for external expression infused with essence. It interacts with its surroundings, becoming a reflection of what is before and after it.

Catarina Mil-homens

Catarina Mil-homens (b. 1979, Portugal) is a visual artist and researcher with a multidisciplinary artistic practice that extends across drawing, installation and video. Her research focuses on issues inherent to the mind/body paradigm versus consciousness. The artist graduated from the University of Lisbon with a BA in Painting and completed a Research MFA at The University of Melbourne – VCA.

The research developed by Mil-Homens aims to observe and inform about the state of the human mind attached to its material dimension, exploring the relationships established between matter and non-matter. This correlation wishes to investigate the questions of art creation in relation to consciousness as well as underline the paradigm of matter/non-matter, intrinsic to the human condition.

The creative process actively explores the dynamics of corporeality with the aim of going beyond the physical dimension and questioning the mind/body relationship. The creative processes frequently resort to the exercise of repetition, which is added to by difference, aiming to question our relationship with matter but mainly to expose what exists beyond it.

Lender: UMA LULIK , Portugal

location: Macao Museum of Art
28/07/2023 - 29/10/2023