Organizer: Cultural Affairs Bureau
Co-organizer(s): Galaxy Entertainment Group; Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited; MGM; Sands China Ltd.; SJM RESORTS, LIMITED; Wynn Macau, Limited
Curated by: Ung Vai Meng
Venue(s): Address of “ART YIIMA”, Chan Hin Io Studio, Fatiões Exhibition Space (temporary)
Tel: (853)6252 2646
Duration of exhibition: 23/09/2023 - 19/11/2023

Tuesdays to Sundays, 12:00 - 19:00 

Floor plan: 
Address of “ART YIIMA”(Travessa da Viola no. 3, R/C-A)

Chan Hin Io Studio (Beco dos Faitiões no.11, Edf. Kok Kong, R/C-B)

Fatiões Exhibition Space (Beco dos Faitiões no. 7-A)

The typhoon of Destiny

Typhoon is an uncertain, impossible-to-control, natural phenomenon. Similarly, with the rapid development of smart technology and drastic changes in regional and international situations, the reality sometimes looks like a typhoon, having a great impact on human life, habits and understanding of life. The world must accept a new order and challenges after the pandemic, and when people are vying for a better fate, facing apparently blank prospects, they may ask themselves: How is the way forward after the storm? When will we learn to overcome the current fatigue and fear of brokenness?

This exhibition attempts to give a comprehensive presentation through a combination of performance photography, big size sculpture, videos, video documentation, on-site objects, remote sensing devices, among other techniques – as a response to the above questions.

Participating artists: Constantin Bessmertny, Chan Hin Io, Chau Chi Chun, Ung Vai Meng

Participating artists: