Six integrated resorts join once again the event “Art Macao” presenting various influential exhibitions this summer


The mega international cultural and artistic event “Art Macao” returns this Summer, with the participation of the Government, enterprises, artists and the general public, jointly creating the cultural tourism brand of the “Macao International Art Biennale”. In particular, the six integrated resorts will participate in the event “Art Macao 2023” presenting various influential exhibitions and activities in a bid to jointly bring an immersive cultural atmosphere to the entire city as a gallery and an art garden.

Organized by Galaxy Entertainment Group, the special exhibition “BE@RBRICK MACAU World's First Immersive BE@RBRICK Art Exhibition” features a dozen of international and local artists and designers led by renowned Japanese artist Tatsuhiko “Ryu” Akashi to present a large-scale BE@RBRICK feast for the city, offering a distinct immersive and interactive experience through the application of digital art.

Organized by Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited, the special exhibition “Mr Doodle First Exhibition in Macao” is the debut exhibition of famous artist Mr. Doodle in Macao. The artist will also visit Macao and host an improvisation session in September, bringing a number of world premiere works to showcase his unique improvisation talent.

Organized by MGM, the special exhibition “To Infinity and Beyond: The Art of Hsiao Chin” at MGM Theatre, is an immersive exhibition that combines art, technology and entertainment, showcasing masterpieces by the great abstract artist of the post-war period, Hsiao Chin. Featuring the artist’s signature style of Zen philosophy, the exhibition explores the relationship between humanity and the universe through a multi-layered multimedia experience interweaved with art and technology, tradition and innovation, taking the public to embark on the ideological universe of Mr. Hsiao Chin, a pioneer modern artist in China, commemorating his artistic life and the extension of infinite artistic life.

Organized by Sands China Limited, the special exhibition “Meet the Magic - In Celebration of D100 by Jason Naylor & Philip Colbert” will present large-scale artworks for the first time created by Jason Naylor and Philip Colbert, two international artists highly sought after in the fashion industry, with inspiration from Mickey Mouse under the theme of Disney’s 100th Anniversary Celebration, as well as a number of their iconic works, indulging the public in a colourful wonderland of art.  

Organized by SJM RESORTS, LIMITED, the special exhibition “Virtually Versailles” presents scenes of the Palace of Versailles from the 17th century to the present day with advanced virtual technology, allowing the public to indulge in the grandeur of Versailles and enjoy a brand-new interactive experience brought by technology.

Organized by Wynn Macau, Limited, the special exhibition “The Contour of Light: A Re-encounter with Leonardo da Vinci” will take the audience into an immersive space that offers a 360o vision experience of the masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci. Through a rich variety of videos, music and sounds, the exhibition provides the public a comprehensive and in-depth picture of the artist’s great works created with a perfect combination of an artistic imagination and scientific mind.

The Macao SAR Government has been dedicated to collaborate with all sectors of the society. In recent years, it also combines with the advantages and strengths of local integrated resorts through “Art Macao”, further expanding the dissemination and influence of local creations, laying a solid foundation for the development of Macao’s cultural and creative industries, allowing Macao residents and tourists to enjoy the artistic feast while facilitating the development of industrial diversification.