Crespina #3 (2017)
Porcelain paper clay, gold lusters, blown glass, glass beads
12 x 36 cm

The way of Cimatti’s working is not traditional. Her objective has been to create a lightness in ceramics not only regarding weight but also visually. Crespines are finely shaped majolica bowls made in Faenza around the 16th and 17th centuries. Her “Crespines” are large bowls made of ceramic filigree, a kind of lace woven with a precious porcelain thread: a result that can be achieved only with paper clay. They are airy, light, vulnerable objects that live out of light and shadows.She also uses gold in her objects to make them even more precious and to draw attention. She likes to create a connection with the viewers, and create elegant pieces with Italian fascination with a feminine and very chic touch.

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