Contemplation of Lovingkindness

Leisurely and unhurried and extends as a state of freedom and comfort.

Contemplation of Lovingkindness by Mok Yat-san, is a set of stainless steel sculptures combining elements of Chinese ink art and the contemporary landscape. The sculptures create a surreal and dreamlike landscape scene, yet items like hexagonal rock columns commonly seen in Hong Kong draw viewers back to reality, signifying the inseparable relationship between the natural world and people in the urban environment. It also reminds people of the importance of treasuring and preserving nature.

Organizer: Cultural Affairs Bureau
Supporting organization(s): Wynn Macau, Limited
Venue(s): Macao Museum of Art
Opening Hour: 06/06/2019 ~ 06/10/2019
Participating artists:
Mok Yat San


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