The Twenty-Four Solar Terms – Clear and Bright (Qingming) (2018)
Charcoal on paper
251 x 128 cm

It’s nearly twenty years since I began to draw landscapes. That’s the only theme I deal with. This landscape scroll survives the wear and tear of time for thousands of years and can be found in unrest and turmoil. The scroll has nothing to do with the dispute between “the genius of stroke” and “genuine landscape”. Painters should gain inspirations and learn from nature and get closer to art by imitation. Imitators observe a mountain and blend with it; copiers express their feelings in landscape where feelings and views fuse together. Imitation helps imitators improve themselves in skills and mind. While their works get more excellent than original ones, their world values can be displayed. The secret of the painting turns out to be its landscape emerging from countless concentrated and arranged sights. The “Twenty-Four Solar Terms” are a frame of reference between humanity and nature and guide us to understand life and conduct endless experiment on the cycle of life during the four alternate seasons. I observe how everything is related to each other through the theme and develop into a series of “landscape” stories by heart.

Courtesy of the artist

















location: “Advance and retreat of globalization” MAIN EXHIBITION,Macao Museum of Art