Online Class (2021)
Oil on canvas
120 x 100 cm

2020 is an extraordinary year. Throughout the world, the trading halt of the New York Stock Market, worldwide protests over the death of Floyd, a black man, caused by police brutality in the US, Beirut explosion, social conflicts revealed in the year-end US presidential election, and the problems of the US political system, have become hot topics of concern. In China, phenomena such as stall economy and live commerce have shown the vigor and vitality of modern urban construction and management, and have become an exploration to stimulate domestic demand and circulation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nucleic acid testing has become a unique and common phenomenon in 2020. Chinese people have committed to the fight against the pandemic, starting with their own protection. Online classes have also become a common teaching method in schools and colleges, not only responding to the need to prevent and control the pandemic but also adapting to the future trend of integrating education online and offline. These phenomena have sparked our thoughts and have become a memory we will never forget.

Courtesy of the artist



location: “Advance and retreat of globalization” MAIN EXHIBITION,Macao Museum of Art