Corona TV Bot (2020)
Net-based TV show

The “Corona TV Bot” thematizes and reflects the Coronavirus Pandemic through social media contributions. On hashtags like Coronavirus and COVID-19, the latest Twitter and YouTube news are interwoven into a wild TV show, 24/7 online. Images, tweets and videos flicker across the screen in real time in this net art project. Time-based resources combine both worldwide professional broadcasts and very private content published by individuals on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

While, as users of social networks, we typically only ever see variants of our own opinions mirrored back to us on social media, TV Bot is intended to confront us with views beyond the bounds of these echo-chambers, due to it universally picking up all searched for hashtag posts on a non-critical basis.

Courtesy of the artist









location: “Advance and retreat of globalization” MAIN EXHIBITION,Macao Museum of Art