Archaeological Project of Global Beach Memory (2012 – 2016)
Photography installation and interaction
160 x 400 cm x 4

Human beings are strange to the ocean as they are to themselves. Just like the universe, the ocean is filled with countless unknown meteorites and planets. The beach is the place where the ocean breathes, replacing the old with the new, and also the place where the moon tides advance to and retreat from. Over millions of years, it has been recording the human footprints and erasing them at the same time. This project collects beach flotsams from several countries with large cultural differences around the world, and makes them into beach images like the archaeological samples, and carries out natural archaeological work on each of the flotsams, with every effort to find out the true history behind each item. After this, a hundred people from various countries and different ages are invited to write the story of each floating object, which will be displayed together with the portrait and profile of the writer.

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location: “Advance and retreat of globalization” MAIN EXHIBITION,Macao Museum of Art