Passage (2017 – )
Machine knit, mixed material

“Passage” is an ongoing work that consists of various machine knitted fabrics transferred from digital photographs, snapshots made with a mobile phone camera, of urban asphalt from various cities where I do or have lived and worked (such as Seoul, Amsterdam, Anseong, Düsseldorf, Berlin, and Brindisi). In “Passage” solid terrain, the hard and damaged public ground becomes converted into intimate soft structures. In an exhibition, the knits are repetitively folded and carefully arranged on tables, racks or pedestals. In the form of a tangible “walk”, the knits are presented by one or more performing “flaneurs” unfolding endless arrays of combinations, overlappings, shapes and patterns. The only information the audience receives is the name of the city and the percentage of used fibers. “Passage” is a fluid index – and a versatile object that oscillates between cloth for fashion, archival document or folding map – that remains in a state of flux of constant transition between transformation and continuity. The carefree act of drifting is a visual and haptic exercise of groundlessness and belonging in complex contemporary realities and territories.

“Passage” is non-static work and needs to be folded. “Passage” is best to be folded on a table. “Passage” can be folded in every direction, except diagonal. “Passage” can be folded along its front or backside. “Passage” can be folded alone or in combination with other knits. “Passage” can overlap and be stacked on top of each other, folded or unfolded. “Passage” can be folded in different intervals. “Passage” can be folded by the owner or by performers. “Passage” can also be folded on a cloth rail or another similar device. “Passage” can be folded in a public exhibition or private collection. “Passage” can be stored folded.

Courtesy of the artist


























location: “Advance and retreat of globalization” MAIN EXHIBITION,Macao Museum of Art