Mother (2021)
35 x 100 x 35 cm

Based on my reflection on globalization, I use mobile phones, which we use every day, to represent  “network”. As long as you get connected to it, you are connected to the world. Here “network” means not only “Internet”, but also “the network of awareness”. The process of globalization is a fast communication between intangible Internet and awareness.

The components of mobile phones are disassembled and reassembled on the body of a curled up female to form an oval shape to stand for the earth. The female is the symbol of Mother of Earth. The Mother of Earth creates and nurtures every living being, which means the awareness of life is a unity.

This work tells that the only things needed to connect with any other people and places are nothing but a female, a mobile phone and awareness. But is this process about “unity or isolation?

location: Former Municipal Cattle Stable