Damián Ortega

Year of Birth: 1967
Country: Mexico

Damián Ortega was born in Mexico City in 1967. He uses objects from his everyday life – Volkswagen Beetle cars, Day of the Dead posters, locally-sourced corn tortillas – to make spectacular sculptures which suggest stories of both mythic import and cosmological scale. Ortega began his career as a political cartoonist and his works balance humor with incisive observations on political, social, and economic conditions.

In many of the artist’s sculptures, vernacular objects are presented in precise arrangements – often suspended from the ceiling or as part of mechanized systems – that become witty representations of diagrams, solar systems, words, buildings, and faces. These shifts in perception are not just visual but also cultural, as the artist draws out the social history of the objects featured in his sculptures, films, and performances. The intellectual leap between recycled quotidian objects and complex systems of thought is what lends Ortega’s work a humble yet profound poesis.