Creative City Pavilion
Macao: City of Gastronomy - Bon Appétit!

23.07 – 03.10
10:00 –19:00
Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No.1

The exhibition features the work of 16 artists (groups), each exploring in their own unique way about the interplay of "food" on society and history. The subjects of these works range from personal experience, stories, time, place, food and drink trends to local history, and the media range from paintings, photography, installations, sound installations to video works. Just as the title of the exhibition in Chinese is composed of the verb "moving" and the noun "chopsticks"(Bon Appétit), the spirit of the artist is also embodied in this state of action - how to practice continuously under the spontaneous start, to think in different cultures, and thus to generate new ideas.

Cheers, Macao!
Lampo Leong & Chao Yang
Ceramic installation
300 x 150 cm