Creative City Pavilion
Nanjing: City of Literature - Opening Up the Realm

23.07 – 03.10
Tap Seac Gallery

Nanjing is a city of literature and creation, with its literary tradition continuing over 1800 years, in which have emerged many influential masters and masterpieces. This exhibition, its motif being “Opening Up the Realm”, displays the representative works of dozens of outstanding poets, novelists, critics and artists of Nanjing. The works include manuscripts, calligraphies, documentary as well as an exhibition of paintings of worms by Zhu Yingchun, Ding Cheng Pharmacy, Portrait of the writer "Potato Brother" and small book fair, providing visitors with a lot of interactive activities. This exhibition helps to open up the literary realm of Nanjing where visitors can walk around and experience the new level Nanjing literature has reached. Through the literary eyes of Nanjing writers they can have a refreshing look at the realm of life.

Insects Series
Zhu Yingchun
Chinese art paper, book, acrylic, monotype, multimedia installation
Variable size