Creative City Pavilion
Wuhan: City of Design - Empathy

23.07 – 24.10
Mong-Ha Villas

This exhibition focus on individuals in grand historical events from a micro perspective, and unfold around the wonderful connection between individuals and collectives, people and society, and individuals, and finally settle on the most dazzling aura of human nature-empathy. Wuhan, as the epicenter of the pandemic, has already taken on a new lease of life. Looking back, all discussions on macro-level governance capabilities seem pale and untimely. We are more willing to present the vivid individual experiences in the city, the moving stories one after another connected by emotion, the visions outlined in art.

Witness-You Are the One I Care the Most
Li Ge


Critical Point (public photography)
Luo Xian
Photography (art giclée)
Variable size