Wind Rises upon a Tranquil Lake (2015)
Blue-and-white porcelain temple jar
40 x 20 cm

Ink wash art has become more than a purely scientific visual art due to its profound humanity. Traditional ink wash art emphasizes that the subject has consciousness, and the traditional genealogy of knowledge has developed a set of effective visual production patterns for it. Under the long-term ritual regulations, traditional ink wash art is like glue, letting the producers and audience willing to build together a spiritual homeland that is in harmony with nature, even if it is merely a virtual utopia. In this sense, the deep humanistic mechanism can reflect reality like a mirror. This inherent symbiotic relationship with society has provided a direction for the contemporary transformation of ink wash art. The outside and inside of the multidimensional views of life in current discussions, from the national will to the atmosphere among the people, from cultural clashes to individual feelings, which the expression of ink wash art touches on has footnoted that ink wash must be contemporary.

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location: “Advance and retreat of globalization” MAIN EXHIBITION,Macao Museum of Art