Golden Brick No. 2 (2016)
Wear-resistant ceramics
45 x 45 x 10 cm x 9

I used a new ceramic material, corundum ceramics in the “Golden Brick” series and made full use of the tension of corundum ceramics, strengthening the heaviness and volume of the work. The size and volume of 9-grid golden bricks follow the specifications of the golden bricks of the Imperial Ancestral Temple in the Forbidden City. Other golden bricks develop different sizes and volumes based on this standard.

The rules in Chinese culture and my early thoughts on “Reversion is the action of Tao” have the same origin. As I grow older and deepen my understanding, I pursue more and more zealously the state of “following what my heart desired, without transgressing what was right.”

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location: “Advance and retreat of globalization” MAIN EXHIBITION,Macao Museum of Art