Cloacinae (皮影戲電影│Filme de marionetas de sombra│Film of shadow puppets:2012 – 2019, 水墨紙本、皮影戲偶│Marionetas de sombra, tinta sobre papel de arroz│Shadow puppets, ink on rice paper:2017)
Film of shadow puppets, shadow puppets and ink on rice pape
00:25:40, 97 cm x 9

Film of shadow puppets:

Technical Director: Sverre Fredriksen

Music:  Li Daiguo

“Cloacinae” is the name of the roman goddess of the first sewer of modern civilization, the Cloaca Maxima, in Rome. It is also an animation about finance and hygiene, two very important but mainly invisible systems for every society.

We follow the journey of a cent – who lands in the sewer to face new values.

Shadow Puppets inspired on extreme homo economicus characters such as Dominique Strauss Khan and Donald Trump and on characters based on small coins such as the penny, the quarter, 5 cents, etc.

Courtesy of the artist















location: “Advance and retreat of globalization” MAIN EXHIBITION, Macao Museum of Art